Stress is only bad for you if you believe it is!

12 May

How you think and how you act can transform your experience of stress
“Your stress response has a built in mechanism for stress resilience, and that mechanism is human connection”

Kelly McGonigal explains how by reaching out to others when stressed oxytocin is released which negates the harmful effect of stress on the body.

“For every major stressful life experience, there was an increased the risk of dying by 30%, people who spent time caring for others showed absolutely no increased risk of dying.


Sleep on the job, it’s good for you

6 May

Jayne Morris, the health sector life coach for NHS Online, said overworked employees should grab 20-minute power naps to recharge their batteries, even in the middle of the day and at work”




How headteacher stays calm

23 Apr

From an article in the Guardian:   How I stay calm, by people with very stressful jobs




The Teacher:

“When I arrived in 2012, I introduced a policy for both adults and children of always remaining calm and non-confrontational. The minute you shout, people don’t listen to you; they just focus on the noise you’re creating rather than what you’re saying.”

“The other thing that helps me remain calm is being highly visible, so that everyone – parents and those in school – can talk to me as soon as something is niggling them. It’s when things fester that they create most stress. So I’m at the school gate at the start and end of every day”

Jan Shadick, at Lambeth Academy


The growing cost of staff absenteeism

11 Nov

A school in Norfolk paid £339,154 in 2012/13 for supply teaching cover. An article in the East Anglian Daily Press today looks at the cost on pupils and schools and finds the local authority spends £9.2 million on supply staff. A 12% rise from the previous year.

EDP article

Counting the cost of supply teaching

The Slow Coach – Slow down – achieve more

16 Aug

Can we slow down….and achieve the same results?


3 people are followed as they spend a month slowing down, achieving and receiving unexpected benefits.


“Find some kind of slow ritual or activity, something that you enjoy doing, but that just shifts you into a lower gear.  That helps you connect with your inner tortoise… something that acts as a break, and build that into your day”


“We don’t allow enough time between things…..think about adding a few more minutes in that space in between…” 

The Biology of Kindness: How It Makes Us Happier and Healthier

6 Aug

Being a good friend, and being compassionate toward others, may be one of the best ways to improve your own health

Health & Family

There’s a reason why being kind to others is good for you — and it can now be traced to a specific nerve.

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Kindness = Enlightened self interest?

6 Aug

Acts of kindness produce chemical ‘highs’, release bonding hormones and lead to a healthier nervous system.

Is there really such a thing as altruism, or is being kind merely ‘enlightened’ self interest?


Cool to be kind: The advantages of being altruistic – The Independent