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Oh *@”%!

2 Dec

Profanity as pain relief or “stress-induced analgesia”

Researchers at Keele University, UK found that moderate use of swear words can deliver short term pain relief, however over use of swear words in everyday life lessened their effect when it mattered.

See the article:


Strong outburst have long been used to focus the mind and body, you may have heard participants at a Karate class Kiai or listened to the Haka of the All blacks Rugby union team.


The important bit……


Limited outburst’s of vocal energy can release tension, provide pain relief and focus the mind.  


Many people are too noisy and disperse their energy, while others don’t let go enough and build up too much tension.   If the former is you try some quiet time, if you are one of the quiet ones then go on….make some @#*%!$^ noise!