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Under Pressure….Yes?

19 Jul

Good ; as pressure can provide the ideal stimulus for inner growth.

If dealt with effectively, pressure can lead to an increased ability and competence in the task that one is engaged with. However, if dealt with ineffectively, one can often buckle, feel stressed, with a higher likelihood of suffering from illness or injury.

Stress is a part of our modern world, there are many ways to understand and positively grow through the pressure which we experience.


Trees in the wind.

Young trees require pressure from the wind to establish them. Trees require the wind to become strong. Trees require flexibility to deal with the wind, an old tree becomes stiff and brittle, and its limbs snap easily, a young tree is flexible and full of sap. The same can be said of humans too!


Responsibility as Educators.

It is up to us to take on only the amount of pressure that we can deal with, not too much, not too little. It is also our job to look out for friends, colleagues and family.

The Body and Brain needs pressure.

The pressure from gravity is necessary to maintain a health body, without it we get muscle atrophy, bone density loss and less blood. The brain needs problems that are not easily solved, that require work and patience to keep our minds fit and healthy. Without this pressure our brains weaken, however by dealing with mental pressure we forge new neural pathways.

The Emotions need pressure.

When we experience times of extreme emotional anguish we can become distraught, fall ill, and sometimes look for extreme methods of reliving this pressure. The pressure felt from these ‘very hard’ times, if dealt with effectively can lead to profound positive emotional changes, a re evaluation of our lives and our values. They can ultimately make us more balanced, stronger and emotionally resilient. People who have not experienced moments of extreme emotional anguish can often lack the necessary emotional capital needed in human relations, they can be at a disadvantage.