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The Slow Coach – Slow down – achieve more

16 Aug

Can we slow down….and achieve the same results?


3 people are followed as they spend a month slowing down, achieving and receiving unexpected benefits.


“Find some kind of slow ritual or activity, something that you enjoy doing, but that just shifts you into a lower gear.  That helps you connect with your inner tortoise… something that acts as a break, and build that into your day”


“We don’t allow enough time between things…..think about adding a few more minutes in that space in between…” 


The Biology of Kindness: How It Makes Us Happier and Healthier

6 Aug

Being a good friend, and being compassionate toward others, may be one of the best ways to improve your own health

Health & Family

There’s a reason why being kind to others is good for you — and it can now be traced to a specific nerve.

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Kindness = Enlightened self interest?

6 Aug

Acts of kindness produce chemical ‘highs’, release bonding hormones and lead to a healthier nervous system.

Is there really such a thing as altruism, or is being kind merely ‘enlightened’ self interest?


Cool to be kind: The advantages of being altruistic – The Independent